Carisbrook Solar Farm

Carisbrook Solar Farm

Carisbrook Solar Farm

The Carisbrook Solar Farm is proposed for development on a 300-hectare site located about six kilometres east of the township of Carisbrook within the Central Goldfields Shire in central Victoria. It will incorporate 250,000 panels and will be 90 MW (DC), producing 150,000 gigawatt hours of power each year – enough to power a city close to the size of Bendigo.

The solar farm will connect to the existing 66kv transmission line which runs on the western edge of the site. If the farm is built, its footprint will cover about 70 per cent of the site, with a minimum of three metres between panels. Currently used primarily for sheep grazing, sheep will continue to be able to graze in and around the solar arrays if the project goes ahead.

The project developer is ib vogt, a German family-owned engineering company. You can read more about ib vogt GmbH here.

Ib vogt submitted a planning permit application for the project to the Central Goldfields Shire in August 2018.

Development Approval was received for the Project in March 2019



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Electric Supply

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The solar farm would generate around 100 direct jobs during construction, as well as indirect supply chain jobs. In addition, it would employ approximately 2-3 full time staff during the operation and maintenance phase Read More


The Project

The Carisbrook Solar Farm proposal site is located approximately 13 kilometres east of the locality of Maryborough and approximately 50 kilometres south west of Bendigo. The site is located within the Central Goldfields Shire, with the southern boundary of the site bordering the Pyrenees Highway.



The Carisbrook Solar Farm requires planning approval from Central Goldfields Shire in the form of a planning permit under the Planning and Environment Act 1987.



ib vogt began informing the local community about the Carisbrook Solar Farm proposal in March 2018.

ib vogt would like to hear from members of the local community regarding the solar farm proposal as it is important to understand the values of local people.